2023 Season Format

Portland, ME -- The 2023 Season is roughly a half of a year away, and our off-season will officially begin early November once we approve the entry of our remaining franchise spots available! 

2023 League Divisions:

Bay State League - (Northeast Region/Central Region) (4 Teams each)

Pine Tree League - (Lakes Region/Midcoast Region) (4 teams each)

Schedule Format

The 2023 Opening Day is scheduled for Saturday September 13, 2023 with a full slate of games throughout the league. Each team will play the regular season against their own respective leagues. The two Leagues will compete against eachother during the Commissioners Cup Championship Series.

3 home games against each league team | 3 * 7 = 21

3 away games against each league team | 3 * 7 = 21

21 + 21 = 42 regular season games from May 13th through August 27th, with August 28th-31st being set aside for makeup games.

Teams this season will be prepared to play at least* two series a week, possibility of playing two series in one day. As always we know there is a chance of commitment issues when playing games, if we encounter issues we will grant teams postseason access if they play at least 49 games and are ranked in a playoff position.

Postseason Format

Each League will have six (6) teams compete in the Commissioners Cup Postseason for a total of twelve teams between the two leagues. View our 2023 Postseason bracket here for information.

League Drafts

Each League is entitled to hosting their own player Draft. This will be a decision based on the League team management board. The Pine Tree League has already confirmed that it will host a Player Draft of three rounds to allow for teams to fill up final spots on their rosters and allow for free agents a pathway into the League. The Bay State League board will host a Zoom meeting prior to October 31st to plan a Bay State Draft.


All transactions that were allowed in the past remain in effect. Our offseason date has been officially moved from September 1st to November 1st as we in the Office of the Commissioner can approve our final few franchises in time for the offseason period.