BREAKING: League update for 2023 season

PORTLAND, ME -- Commissioner Chad Marescalchi has announced the league will undergo another rebrand effective following the completion of the 2022 season.

on Friday, the Office of the Commissioner has officially signed in a league rebrand that will allow for an "expansion" of the league.

We are very excited to work with our partners up north to allow for teams from Maine to enter our league beginning next year.

Thus the Eastern States Wiffle League was born. This concept differs from the current Bay State Wiffle League and its current map of teams only within the Boston area. This updated league name will allow for teams from all over the Eastern region to participate under one league; beginning with the addition of the 'Pine Tree' Division for 2023.

When I moved up to Maine full-time I noticed a vast amount of playing fields suited specifically for this type of game, including Tommy McNamara Wiffle Ball Field in Kennebunk, Maine. (link to field provided below)

Facilities • Kennebunk, ME • CivicEngage (

Currently the staff who work within the Bay State Wiffle League had a "trial" season in Maine with featured four teams. The season is continuing and will be entering playoffs in just a few weeks. Also confirmed is a best of three series that will feature the Champion teams from the Bay State League and Pine Tree League, date TBD

As both seasons near an end the Office of the Commissioner will be extending updated league rules and offseason procedures that will go into place immediately following the Bay States fourth season!