Brew Crew Future

Saturday -- The 2020 League Championship Series is just a day away and it does not feature the 2019 Champions, the Brewers.

The Brewers came into the 2020 season with high hopes and was ranked as the best team to win the League Championship for a second consecutive year, but a first round exit said otherwise. The Brewers barely finished with a .500 record (10-10) and had trouble remaining consistent throughout their pitching lineup. And to add to the Wild Card exit it is rumored that team leader in batting may be opting out of his contract for 2021. 

Grady Chan is in his first year of a two-year deal he signed last season, but has the option to opt out of his final year as according to league rules. The offensive minded 19 year-old lead the Brewers with 11 home-runs and a league top batting average of a .663. "I do not know where I will end up but whatever my decision is I hope everyone can back up" Grady Chan said when asked about his contract decision. Another speculation includes Grady Chan signing with whichever team can sign Andrew Mountain; who was traded away to the Mallards from the Brewers, but he has yet to be signed and the only way for the Brewers to land the 2020 draftee is through the 2021 Draft.

The Brewers have used up their three prior to draft player contracts for 2021, If Grady Chan decides to option out of his final year with the Brewers; it'll allow the Brewers to use that contract spot on Matt King, who is expected to enter the 2021 Draft as he would like to remain with the Brewers. 

In 2021 the Brewers are currently positioned in a division with the Black Widows and Mallards, so reaching the Postseason next year is definitely in site with their roster.