Bridgeo heats up for Ducks

OFFENSIVE POTW ::: The Mallards had an action-packed Sunday with a slate of four games, two against the Inglorious Batters and a home and home series against the Huskies.

Marescalchi was back in the lineup for the Mallards but was not the highlight of the team as Adam Bridgeo took control on both the mound and in the batter's box, where he has been awarded the Offensive Player of the Week. Bridgeo in 19 at-bats had 6 hits, half of which were home runs, and was able to hit in 9 of the 23 runs the Mallards had during Sunday's doubleheader.

The Mallards (7-5) have gained a three-game lead over the third-place team Nor'easters (4-6).