DiNapoli breaks silence, talks contract negotiations

Saturday -- The 2020 Slugger of the Year and league All Star broke silence Saturday as he has been quiet on his contract negotiations.

Brian DiNapoli currently remains unsigned after not signing an extension with the Hooligans following the 2020 season. Saturday we finally got word that he is going to remain the league but responded with 

"What team right now is unknown, so let the bidding war begin." 

DiNapoli is at the top of the list for available free agents, accompanied by Grady Chan as well as Matty Griffin, which may have a huge impact on where the Pitcher/Fielder will sign.

DiNapoli and Matty Griffin lead the Hooligans to a ALCS but could not overcome the Screwballs tough offense, it is rumored that both players intend to sign with the same club for the 2021 season. DiNapoli, who hit a league leading .652, 5 home-runs and a league leading 7 extra base hits has drawn interest from almost every team but we have heard rumors on potential landing spots for both DiNapoli and Griffin. 

The frontrunners for the dynamic duo include the Black Widows. Declining contract extensions to both Colin Prentiss and Dougie Baker lead us to believe that they are working on a deal that will bring DiNapoli and Griffin to the Widows to run with a four man roster, that plan though could have changed due to the signing of Tom Gannon.

The Hooligans announced they are going to do everything in their power to return the two players to the team. We have also been informed that the newly joined Maples plan on making a run at the set. 

The 2021 season is expected to throw it's first pitch on May 16, 2021, where will these free agents land? Follow along @thebswl on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!