Draft Eligibility Explained

Wednesday -- The 2020 season is officially a wrap, and there is a large list of pending Free Agents who may elect to enter the 2021 Player Dispersal Draft


Returning teams are issued only three (3) Uniform Player Contracts that they

1)  May use on signing current rostered players before Free Agency Begins

2) May extend pending free agents to a contract extension

3) Can offer a Player Contract to available free agents

4) May elect to not use any player contracts until signing players from the Dispersal Draft

Following the Draft; team managers will be issued up to four more Player Contracts for Draftee's.

During the season team managers may sign League Approved Free Agents as well.


Players who have already played in the league and are not going to resign with their former team have two options they can make:

A) Elect to enter the Player Dispersal Draft (This allows them to possibly be Drafted to their past team)

B) Elect to explore Free Agency and have a possibility to be offered a contract from teams who have them available.

C) Players signed may option out of their current contract (if in final year) and elect to explore either option (A) or (B)

Option (C) Example; Joe Smith signed a two-year player contract with Team A in 2019. After the completion of the 2020 season Joe Smith has one year left in his contract, He may Option out of his contract by August 30, 2020 if selected on signed contract. Once optioned he may either explore Free Agency which begins September 1, 2020 or elect to enter the 2021 Player Dispersal Draft.

Once a player options out of his/her contract; the team will be issued a new player contract they may use on available free agents or after the Draft.

The Deadline for a player to option out of a contract is August 30, 2020 @ 11:59 p.m. They must complete the "Option Out" Form here, once finalized the respective team will be issued a new player contract they may use on any available free agent.