Free Agency Begins

Monday -- Free Agency officially opens up for team management, and by the looks of it, it will be an exciting one.

The 2021 season will feature more teams, more talent, and top players in new uniforms. The current Free Agent list which can be viewed here shows Free Agents by team; and there are many teams who did not sign back top players.

The biggest talked about free agent is Grady Chan, who topped the charts for his offensive contributes to the Brewers. Chan, signed a two-year contract with the Brewers in 2019, but has opted out for his final year to 'explore free agency'. The offensive threat would help any team's order after batting a .663 batting average, hitting 11 home-runs and driving in 40 RBI's. 

The Hooligans find themselves with a clean roster as they did not sign back one player, that leaves Brian DiNapoli, Zach Goodman, Ethan Winer and Matt Griffin available to every team. Though they are available we expect to see DiNapoli, Goodman, and Griffin back in the Hooligans system, Winer is expected to remain unsigned. 

The defending National League Champions have noted they will not be signing back both Dougie Baker and Colin Prentiss. Prentiss was one of the best hitters in the 2020 Postseason and has drawn attention to the Huskies.

Other top free agents include; Matt King, Joe Sorrento and Troy Parks.

Contracts available by team (not including management contracts); (Black Widows 2), (Brewers 0), (Diamond Jaxx 0), (Hooligans 3), (High Rollers 0) (Huskies 2), (Inglorious Batters 3), (Mallards 3), (Nor'easters 0), (Shamrocks 3). There are two teams unlisted and will be released at a later date...

Where will these players land? Follow along as we keep you up to date on daily signings and negotiations through our Transactions page, our social media accounts and below is our official "Free Agent Tracker"