'Kport' teams finalized into League

Kennebunkport, ME -- After years of having a state of the art wiffleball field in Kennebunkport Maine, the town will welcome two teams to the Eastern States Wiffle League, which will brand under the Pine Tree Lakes Region Division.

First to the field will be the Kport Barbers. The team, which will be managed by Dawson Pacheco is "extremely excited" to have organized and competitive wiffle ball to the area. 

It's going to be huge having a structured league played in Kennebunkport and we were extremely quick to enter not just the Barbers, but the Rays as well!

Pacheco played a big role in acquiring the Kport Rays into the league as well. 

We always had enough interested players to fill up three or four teams, but never went through with starting a league up here. Now with the Eastern League ready to expand we knew we could gather enough interest to produce at least two rosters of teams.

As a league we expect the Barbers and Rays to build a new Kport rival and we may even be shocked with some future trades between the two franchises.