New postseason format announced, scheduled released

SATURDAY ::: The Bay State Wiffle League has announced an updated Postseason format as well as a tentative Postseason schedule.

The BSWL League Office has officially approved an expanded Postseason structure that will give every team a chance at a playoff spot that may not have been in postseason contention. The League governor's board has introduced the new "Play-In" Game that will allow 4th place teams a chance at the Commissioners Trophy.

Play-in Game (3rd vs 4th)

This will be one four-inning game between each division's third and fourth-place teams. This 'play-in' format has been noticed around many sports leagues and we are proud to introduce it to the Bay State Wiffle League. After this four-inning 'play-in' game, the winner will be the third-seeded team when the 2021 Postseason begins. These play-in games are scheduled to be played on Sunday, July 25th (Times TBA).


Following the Inland and Coastal League play-ins, the official BSWL Postseason bracket will be determined and the 2021 Postseason will begin. Each winner from the Divisional play-ins will be the third seed in their respective divisional bracket and will be considered 'Wild-Card". There will be one 6-inning game between the 2nd place seed and winners of the play-ins.

Coastal Wild Card Game: Monday, July 26th, 6:07 PM EST.

Inland Wild Card Game: Wednesday, July 28th, 6:07 PM EST.


The next round in the Postseason will be known as the Divisional Championship Series (DCS). This is a best of three series with the first-place seed having home-field advantage in games one and three. Both Divisional Championship series will be played on Sunday, August 1. (Times TBA)


Following the Play'ins, Wild Card Games and, League Divisional Series is the final step to crown the Commissioners Trophy Champions. The League Championship Series is a best-of-five series during a two-day venture with the higher seed having home-field advantage in games one, two, and five *if necessary.

Sunday, August 8th: Games 1/2/3 (Higher Seed Home Games 1&2)

Monday, August 9th: Games 4&5 *If necessary (Higher Seed Home Game 5)

What does all this mean?

With the implication of the Play-in series, the last-place teams still have a shot at entering the Postseason by winning the Play-in series. We believe this will bring in more action-packed Wiffle ball and allow for every team a fair shot at the Historic Commissioners Trophy.