Sunday Recap


The Diamond Jaxx were able to sweep the Inglorious Batters to improve to 5-3 and remain in close quarters of the High Rollers.

Game 1 ::: The Diamond Jaxx were able to recuperate after trailing by one entering the fourth inning (down 8-7), with the help from Zack Thompson the Jaxx were able to put up 9 runs in the top half of the fourth inning to win 16-10. Thompson, the first start of the game hit three home runs and finished the game with 11 RBI's. Aj Deicidue was the offensive start for the Batters as he drove in 4 runs and hit one of three Inglorious Batters' home runs.

Game 2 ::: The Diamond Jaxx offensive surge didn't stop heading into game two on the hottest day of this year yet. Jenkinson continued his home run streak as he hit three, one of which was a grandslam which lead the Jaxx to the huge 18-2 victory to sweep the Inglorious Batters, who are winless thus far.

The Nor'easters were able to split a huge away series against the Mallards to stay within playoff contention.

Game 1 ::: Without the Mallards leading offensive players Marescalchi and Parks, they had to rely on a short roster of Lopes, Vahey, and Bridgeo. A seven-run first inning proved that the 3-man roster could get on base and drive in runs. Bridgeo was able to drive in a team-leading 5 RBI's in game one and Lopes was able to slow down the Storm as they began a comeback, but it was short-lived following a very quick fourth inning.

Game 2 ::: A 10 run fourth inning was able to win the game for the Nor'easters. The entire lineup for the Nor'easters was able to put up double-digit numbers against Bridgeo on the bump for the Mallards. Cahill and Frost both put up a home run and five RBI's. This series split makes the Mallards remain in second place with a 3-3 record and keeps the Nor'easters within that second spot with a 3-5 record.