Thompson grabs Offensive POTW

FRIDAY ::: Zack Thompson has been awarded the Offensive Player of the Week for June 6th-12th after having a dominant batt during the two-game series with the Inglorious Batters.

Thompson, signed with the Diamond Jaxx during the off-season has become the league's best at the plate, he leads the league with 32 RBI's, 8 home runs (tied for 3rd), and a .550 batting average. 

In-game one of Sunday's series with the Inglorious Batters (0-6), Thompson put up a career-high 11 RBI's in one game, three of which came off of home runs. He finished game one with 5 hits in 8 at-bats. Game two didn't lack offense as Thompson put up 5 runs in a massive 18-2 victory to push the Jaxxs' record to 5-3 (2nd in Coastal League)

Thompson and the Diamond Jaxx are back in action Sunday when they play host to the Huskies, who have yet to find a number other than 0 in the win column.